Brief Divorce Overview in Detroit Metro Area 

•In Michigan a divorce or dissolution is a legal proceeding to terminate a marriage.
•You must be a resident of  Michigan for at least 180 days prior to filing.
•Michigan is a no-fault state and does not require a reason to obtain a divorce.

As knowledgeable Michigan divorce lawyers, we understand the financial and emotional challenges facing men and women during their divorce, annulment or dissolution of domestic partnership. Our experienced divorce attorneys will help you understand the issues and potential challenges you face. We work with a variety of experts to ensure that our clients receive the best advice. We use that information to develop an effective strategy to protect your interests and achieve your goals. Our divorce lawyers will take the time to explain your rights and obligations as your case proceeds, which may include the following types of cases:

•Contested divorces
•Uncontested divorces
•High asset divorce
•Hidden asset cases
•Child custody disputes
•Child support issues
•Child relocation issues
•Paternity matters

How to Deal With Custody

If you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement regarding child custody, the court will do it for you. Our advice to you is to speak with your spouse about living arrangements and schedules for parenting time.  In most cases, Michigan divorce courts consider the best interests of the children and will award joint physical custody to the parents, giving them each equal rights to their children.  The courts want to make sure that the minor children have a continuing relationship with both parents.


Most Michigan divorce cases will award alimony.  Alimony payments are made in specific amounts and paid over a specific period of time. 

Alimony is determined by: 

•The length of the marriage 
•The ages, health, and earning capacities of each party 
•The financial status of each party after the divorce

Our approach to working with clients is simple. We listen to you. We return your calls promptly. We keep you prepared and informed. And we represent you aggressively and fearlessly. We are good at what we do, and we care.

Clients like us for many reasons

•We are easily accessible, even early, late, and on weekends. 
•We use a truly effective approach in having the client remain involved as part of the team. 
•We understand the law and the legal system. 
•We care about our clients. 
•We care about children and their best interests. 
•We give effective and tenacious service to our clients

We believe knowledge is power. Knowledge and preparation take away the fear and allow you to face any challenge. We look forward to giving you that knowledge and helping you as your divorce attorney

What Our Divorce Attorneys Can Do For You 

•We will draft and file divorce complaint on your behalf. 
•We will serve your spouse with divorce complaint
-We will Negotiate aggressively on your behalf to protect your rights and interests 
•During litigation or divorce, we will prepare and conduct all kind of discovery, including interrogatories, request to produce, request to admit, depositions and evaluations of the various assets
•Appear with you at all hearing
-We will obtain Judgment of divorce 
In Michigan, all divorce cases are heard in a county Circuit Court. In order to file for divorce, the filing party needs to have been a resident in the state for at least 180 days & have lived in the county for at least 10 days at the time of filing. Oakland county circuit court located at 1200 N Telegraph Road, Pontiac, MI 48341 (248) 858-5284. Macomb County Circuit Court in Michigan located at 40 N. Main St. Mt. Clemens, MI  48043 Tel: 586 469 5150. Wayne County Circuit Court located at 2 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226.   Washtenaw County Circuit Court located at 101 E. Huron,  Ann Arbor, MI 48107, Tel: (734) 222-3270.  
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As you consider how to go about setting the plan for the next stage of your life, balancing your needs with the needs of your soon-to-be ex-spouse and your children can be very challenging. This may be a time when you are feeling unhappy. stress. fear, disappointment, anger, as you set about the task of creating your post-divorce family.  Our family Lawyers understand that you will be worried about your current financial and living arrangements and how the break-up will affect you and your family, should you have any. We will look at helping you ascertain fair and effective financial settlements and practical arrangements for any children of the family. We provide specialist legal advice on all aspects of divorce and separation and the financial consequences. More than any other area of law, family law demands discretion, sensitivity and a clear understanding of a clients needs. 



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I’m Getting a Divorce… Now What To Do? The First Steps
Uncontested Divorce 
With Or Without Kids

In Michigan, There’s no special definition under Michigan law for an “uncontested divorce”.  It is simply an uncontested divorce used to describe a situation in which a married couple have agreed to divorce and there are no disagreement between them on any issues involved in the divorce, such as property division, child custody, spousal support,  or child support.  A Michigan uncontested divorce may be the best way to resolve the matters regarding custody of the children, support and distribution of property. 
Contested divorce in Michigan is the type in which the spouses cannot arrive at an agreement on one or more issues in order to conclusively terminate their marriage. When spouses cannot arrive at an agreement, even with the assistance of their legal counsel (if any), they must approach a court to adjudicate their dispute. Contested divorces are commonplace now, especially since there are so many different issues to resolve during the course of terminating a marriage. The typical hot button issues requiring resolution during the course of a contested divorce include sensitive topics such as custody of the children, support and distribution of property. 
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What do I do if I am served with divorce complaint? 

It is important not to ignore the papers that have been served. The summons that was served will inform you that you are being sued and you have 21 days to file an answer with court.  The court may proceed with your divorce without your (Default) involvement if you do not file an answer. If you have been served with divorce paper, it's critical that you talk to an experienced family law attorney specializing in Michigan divorce law who can help you navigate the difficult waters ahead of you.
Divorce is caused by a multitude of reasons including, incompatibility, mental illness, infidelity, abuse, lack of communication, money, sexual problems, addiction, and differences in religion, culture, and lifestyle.

A divorce may bring about sensitive and important issues: child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support and the division of property. Even spouses who were on amicable terms may find that they are "at each others' throats" when it comes to these difficult agreements, leading to a contested divorce. Call us if you have any questions....
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We will not charge you extra for any of our basic overhead expense. All costs specially incurred by us in connection with handling your divorce representation such as postage, copying will be FREE.
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What You Should Know Before Filing For Divorce?

Adultery - Adultery usually has no bearing under Michigan law on the final outcome of the divorce.

Assault - If a spouse assaults or otherwise injures the other spouse during the marriage, a claim for damages can be stated in the complaint for divorce.

Alimony Not all alimony is permanent. Courts in Michigan look at many factors, including the length of the marriage, the age and health of the parties, and future earning capacity, before deciding if alimony is appropriate, and for how long.

Family Assets - Courts in Michigan view a stay at home spouse as contributing to the family's assets. As such, if your spouse's assets whether real , personal property or business has increased in value during the marriage, you may be entitled to a some percentage of that growth upon divorce.
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We are skilled at dealing with the often complex divorce that can arise from family breakdown, whether financial or child related. We have experience in handling complicated divorce litigation, spouse business, property, trusts and pensions. 
We are experienced family law Attorneys with more than 15 years of legal experience. We have successfully filed divorce for hundreds of individuals in metro Detroit area and have handled thousands of legal matters for clients.
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